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Rapidgator offers file upload and download services for those types of files that take up large amounts of space. If you are looking for a file to share platform where you can share large files faster than anywhere else, you should consider the benefits of a rapidgator premium account. Rapidgator.net can easily upload and download files while storing them in a safe and secure manner so that only you and your recipients can view your files. Short waiting-times and enhanced safety features are but some of the great benefits of this platform. Rapidgator.net can store and organize all of your files so that you can privately share them with friends, family, and even business acquaintances.

One of the best benefits of rapidgator is that it offers download speeds with no restrictions and is easy for any type of person to use. Rapidgator.net users experience some of the fastest download and upload speeds out there. An essential differences between rapidgator and other file sharing platforms is that is completely ad-free which means you can enjoy using your account without interruption, whereas other file sharing platforms having annoying ads that pop up during use. All users can upload up to five gigabytes of data through FTP, remote, or web uploading methods. While a free rapidgator account will store files for 30 days a rapidgator premium account can safely store your files for 90 days or more.Rapidgator.net

Whereas a basic Rapdigator.net account has a fifteen minute wait time in between downloads and a thirty second wait time to begin downloading any file, premium account holders do not. Free rapidgator accounts allow the user to download up to two gigabytes of files at 30 to 75 KB per second which is faster than your average file sharing platform. In comparison, rapidgator premium accounts allow users to download five gigabytes of files at 120 GB per second with no wait times or restrictions during the downloads. While rapidgator premium accounts let users download many files at once, a basic rapidgator account does not allow users to download more than one file at a time. Another exclusive benefit of rapidgator is that it supports the use of download accelerators for premium users.

The amount of storage space you get with a rapidgator account ranges from four terrabytes to an unlimited amount of storage. This means that you can keep all of your files together in one place so that you can keep track of all of your important data no matter what type of account you decide to get. With a rapidgator.net premium account, users can experience it all for a very good price that starts at $12.99 that offers one terrabyte of bandwidth for a 30 day period. Premium account users can also purchase three terrabytes of bandwidth for 90 that will cost $24.99 and a ninety days plan that offers twelve terrabytes of bandwidth for $49.99. Rapidgator is the one and only file sharing platform that ensures blazing fast download speeds for a good price.

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This page is a review of Rapidgator.net.

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Are you one of those who hate waiting for your files to be downloaded? Not just while downloading files, even when you are uploading your files, you would love to have a high speed download. People wish to have a smooth interface so that they can share files with their friends.

Tired of trying too many options and not finding the right one yet? Here is the solution to help you out.

What is RapidGator Premium?

Have you heard of RapidGator.net before? It is one of the top choices for all those who are looking to download files without waiting for the ads or unnecessary delays. It comes packed with some of the most powerful features and if you are unaware of what to expect from it, here are some details to get you started.

Download At Your Free Will

When you have registered for the RapidGator.net premium account, it will allow you to download as many files as you want and more importantly, at a high speed. Gone are the days when you need to wait for long hours, simply to have your media file. With the premium account services, you will be able to download multiple files together at an impressive speed.

Rapidgator speed

Rapidgator speed

Rapidgator.net speed


No More Ad Troubles

How many times do you get irritated when you accidentally click on the advertisement links that would be present on the download page? It puts off a lot of people and more so when the advertisement leads to multiply windows and freezes your computer screen.
When you have a RapidGator.net premium account, you will not find unwanted ads in the window. When you are downloading files, you will find an advertisement-free window and you can enjoy unlimited download speed and have a great time.

Download Multiple Files Together

Sometimes, you may find yourself needing to download multiple files together. If you are unable to find the provision for doing so; it is RapidGator.net premium account that will turn out to be handy. You will be able to download more than one file together and owing to the impressive speed that you will get, you will be able to enjoy multiple files together.

Rapidgator.net premium

Go through the different options and RapidGator account is very easy to use. You will not need any additional instructions and all you need to do is skim through the main points. After you have done this, you can download them as and when you want to.

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Fast access to files without ads , waiting time . One click direct fast speed downloads , unlimited space for hosted files.

Are There Any Troubles With the Free RapidGator Account?

  • When you are looking to buy a RapidGator.net premium account, you will have to pay an additional cost. Some people think of choosing to opt for the free account as it helps them save money. However, the major flaws with RapidGator.net arise when you have a free account.
  • While RapidGator.net is one of the best sites for those who need to download a lot of files, the free account is not going to be of much help. There are various restrictions that are a part of free account and it is not going to help you enjoy downloads.
  • Too many people have complained that the free version is useless and doesn’t give you any benefits whatsoever. Not only this, you also have the restriction of downloading a single file at a time. You can only download one file every 120 minutes which is a huge turn off.
  • If you are looking for an easy way of downloading files, it is senseless to choose the free version. Although having a premium account is not free of cost, yet the benefits that it will reap will help you enjoy the right set of dividends and it will justify the cost that you will pay.
  • If you look at the reviews of those who are premium account members of RapidGator, you will find that it is definitely worth all your money. These days, the internet has become one of the most powerful resources and when you have ample number of files to be downloaded; services like RapidGator.net will simplify the matters and help your cause.

RapidgatorYou will never have to think again before downloading the files when you have a RapidGator premium account at your disposal. Go Premium and have unlimited fun!You can get it at a 35% discount if you choose 90 days plan.